Sunday, 15 May 2016

Tomorrow I am going to camp! I am going to Aongatete lodge which is up on the Kaimai ranges. To get there we have to climb to the top which takes 7-9 hours!!! We will be doing many tasks including: walking down a giant river, orienteering and a burma trail! I am very exited to tell you more once I get back from camp.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

sharing creative works [copyright]

This video taught me about what copyright is.
It made me realize that there are a lot of pictures and videos that i need to go back to and ask for the creators permission. It was a great video and it took a lot of thinking and in the end I thought that I am happy for people to use my videos and pictures that I upload to the internet for only certain things. What decision would you make if you had to choose? Please fell free to tell me in the comments.

Thursday, 31 March 2016

The dream place I would like to visit

I have been thinking about it and I thought about doing a post on the one place in the world I would life to visit.  After a lot of thinking and researching it came to me, the one place I would liketo visit is Canada. Here a 3 reasons this is my dream place to visit:
1. Canada has ALOT of amazing bush and since I love camping out in the bush and setting out snares and other traps this would be a great opportunity for me to do what I love. (But I'll have to watch out for the Bears!)
2.the amazing wildlife that they have there. If I haven't already told you I am I giant animal lover. I love domestic animals like pets and farm animals but I also love the wilder side of animals as well. I love watching how animals behave in the wild and watching what they eat and how they build nests or burrows.
3. Although I am not an expert at skiing I have always wanted to do all of those amazing ski slopes in Canada. There are so many mountains covered in thick layers of snow that make the perfect skiing slopes. The ski slopes in Canada can be dotted in trees and rocks which in my books are very fun to dodge. And that is 3 reasons that Canada is the dream place for me to visit and now that you know me a bit better please list any other places that I would probably like to visit in the comments.

The best festival in Hamilton

The best and also my favourite festival in Hamilton (my home city) is the Hamilton gardens arts festival. This is when a band or orchestra come into the Hamilton gardens (an enormous park with lots of gardens that are all based on countries, cultures or parts of the world) and proform a long concert with fireworks at the end. I have been to about 3 of these concerts and every time I am so suprised that all they charge you is a gold coin donation. These festivals are only ran once a year so it is important not to miss it if you are a local because this festival is amazing! If you would like to know more about this festival please check out this website:

3 tourist attractions in my country

The 3 best tourist attractions in New Zealand
1. The balloons over Waikato festival
This is a festival ran every year in Hamilton. It involves about  30 hot air balloons getting filled up with hot air. The balloons are all different shapes and sizes and they are very unique. I remeber one of the balloons was a dinosaur popping out of a egg and another one was a racecar. If you would life to know more about the balloons over Waikato pleas visit this website:
2. Waitomo caves
This is one of my favourite attractions as it involves exploring totally nature created caves. This attraction involves walks, swimming and black water rafting. I have always wanted to do black water rafting but you need to be 13 years old which means there is not long to wait. If you are interested in knowing more about this attraction please visit this web sight:
3. Mount Ruapehu ( pronounced mount Ruapahu)
I picked this attraction because I love to go skiing there. This mountain is 2,797 meters high and has many attractions around it like long walks, bike rides, bungee jumping and sky diving. This mountain is in the north island of New Zealand and it is probably my favourite place in the whole of New Zealand. I you are curious of knowing more about Mount Ruapehu please check out this web sight:

New Zealand Quiz

Try out my quiz about New Zealand! You might be surprised how little you know.
Click here to go to my quiz.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

these videos are on global warming. For inquiry\Topic we are doing a unit called sharing the planet so I decided to upload these videos off youtube. If you have any other videos on earths problems please tell me in the comments below so I can put them on my blog. also if there are any other videos you want to show me don't feel scared to put the link in the comments so i can check it out.